Friday, July 6, 2012

Response to my film.

Wow I only just posted my film yesterday and it has already been featured on Cartoon brew! Response to the film has been very positive so far which is great to hear because you get so close to these projects that in the end you don't really know if it's good or bad.
Thanks again for the positive feedback interwebs.


  1. Fear not dear fellow, it's a great wee piece. The fact it was featured is due to that simple fact. I thought it was a hoot with excellent timing and spot on silliness. I hope to see more

    all the best

  2. Thankyou Mick. One of the best outcomes is hearing from artists such as yourself whose work I admire. (I especially like the way you draw vehicles and girls.)

  3. Wonderful !!! Everything about it !! Design,timing,story. What a perfect peice.Charming as all heck !

  4. Excellent work. Great sound effects, great timing. Wonderful little piece. You should be proud. :)